Rice – Plain, Simple Goodness


It’s a main staple in many countries – sometimes the only meal option and while this grain is readily available and affordable for us, many hate cooking it. Tricehat’s because it can be challenging to get it right and it’s time consuming to cook. But a rice cooker removes all the guesswork and delivers perfect rice.  And, you can walk away while it’s cooking and do other things.

A rice cooker is one of the cheapest appliances and yet it’s so convenient. Rice itself is extremely versatile; serve it as a main dish with other ingredients, as a side or make a rice pudding dessert.  You can even make a fried rice dish from left-over rice.  It freezes just as well.  Add a little chicken base to it while cooking to jazz it up, but serve it up often.

If you’re looking for a rice cooker, this Aroma Rice Cooker is a good choice.  It has a handy 8 cup capacity (that’s 16 cups cooked) and a steaming function, so you can steam your vegetables while the rice is cooking. The delay function can be pretty handy too. Aroma Housewares makes very nice rice cookers – they perform well and clean up just as easily. This is a nice affordable, time-saving appliance gift idea for any occasion.

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