Before You Replace That Leaking Coffee Maker…


Coffee makers tend to be the most replaced counter appliance, but sometimes we’re a little too quick to discard the brewer and replace it.  Coffee Maker OverflowYou could be wasting your money if the leak is caused by something that can be averted.

There’s a neat feature on most coffee makers, but unless you really inspect the machine well, you may not have noticed it.

It’s a small hole at the back of the brewer that directs any water reservoir overfill – straight out the back of your coffee maker and onto the counter. It’s a feature because it will prevent excess water from damaging your coffee maker.

Of course, leaks are not good at any time – they can be a safety hazard, but this one is easily fixed.  When filling your brewer with water, do not fill above the maximum fill level.  In fact, I like to fill it short of this line – less than 12 cups, because the water wave created inside the brewer when I reposition it on the counter, can also cause overflow.

So, before you spend money needlessly on a new brewer,  when water is detected on the counter, try reducing the amount of water to below the maximum level and maybe you can save it from the refuse pile.

On the other hand, if the leak is coffee, then you could have a serious problem with your coffee maker.  Give it a good cleaning and descaling.  Then clear the area of the pause feature at the bottom of the filter basket, to remove any coffee ground clogs which could interrupt the flow and cause a leak when the filter overfills with coffee.

If cleaning does not help to remedy the problem, return it if still under warranty or seek a repair from the manufacturer.  Unfortunately, repair costs and/or shipping costs often are not justifiable given the low price of some brewers and other small appliances.

In this case, your only recourse is to buy and replace your coffee maker, but compare prices to get the best deal.

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