Save a Bundle on Reconditioned Tools


If you want to save money in the workshop, it might pay to have a look at buying reconditioned tools. For years Sears has had many items on a sale table listed as reconditioned or factory refurbished, and you can’t tell the difference from new.

My first reconditioned purchase was in fact a Craftsman 1/2 ” drill and it lasted some twenty years. You certainly can’t fault that.  Recently there has been an increase in websites selling refurbished tools as well as many listed on Ebay.

Savings of up to 50% can be had with a little looking around and if you’re willing to wait through the bidding process.

Here’s a little background on what happens to a tool about to get reconditioned.  If sent back to the factory for some reason, generally, it is inspected first to determine if parts are needed. Original equipment replacement parts are installed and the unit cleaned, tested and repackaged, usually with original manuals and in most cases, a factory warranty as well.

I have also noticed that a lot of the reconditioned tool retailers also offer some sort of money back guarantee or replacement ranging from thirty days to twelve months, if found defective.

As always, stick to name brands with the proper UL safety and test listings, keep packaging and receipts until the warranty has expired, and treat them with the same respect you would a new tool.

Be sure to follow all safety precautions and instructions pertaining to that specific tool and all the usual shop and personal safety rules.


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