Choose an Easy Dinner Dessert


If you’re planning a Valentine dinner at home, consider making an easy treat dessert like an ice cream sundae.

Even though you’ll probably have loads of fancy desserts and treats in mind, they’re not always the best choice to complete a big dinner.

I’ve found that even pies though they may sound appealing, are often too heavy after a big meal.

A good choice is a very light cheesecake, jellied dessert or sherbet.  But if you need a time-saver, the easiest to serve and one that every member of the family would enjoy is an ice cream sundae.

It’s a fairly light and economical dairy treat that you can make as big or small as you want. And for a healthy choice, use frozen vanilla yogurt.

Add a little cream, toppings and cherry, and you’ve got a quick-to-serve dessert with little clean-up. If you want to make it interesting, offer a self-serve dairy bar. It’s sure to be a welcome dessert after a big holiday meal. Then you can serve your other cookies and dessert bars for an evening snack.

So don’t sweat it trying to decide on the right dessert choice for the big meal – make it fun and delightful.

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