Old Beer Fridge = Energy Guzzler


You may know it by a different name – the beer fridge, stand-by refrigerator or garage fridge, but they’re one and the same.

These old refrigerators likely at least 20 years old if not more, basically have two functions:  Guzzling electricity and keeping your beverages cold.

That’s because they use a tremendous amount of electricity, more than a newer model would, just to keep a few sodas cold and ready to serve.

Newer refrigerators are much more energy efficient than older models, at least 50% if not more, depending on the age and shape of your old fridge.  And that can save you energy dollars over a year.

Energy Star qualified refrigerators are 20% more energy efficient than non-qualified models. So there’s a substantial difference when it comes to how much energy an old refrigerator uses, compared to a newer more efficient model.

As a refrigerator ages, seals tend to break down as does its refrigeration system and it loses its ability to maintain and contain cold temperatures.  And that translates to wasteful energy.  To make matters worst, if a refrigerator is kept empty but operating on stand-by waiting for holiday events –  that’s an even bigger waste of energy (and money).

But a second refrigerator can be very convenient especially for beverages, so what can you do to have a convenient energy efficient cold storage unit?

  • Replace that energy guzzler with a more energy efficient Energy Star refrigerator
  • Unplug the refrigerator when only required for seasonal use
  • Downsize capacity while upgrading to a compact beverage center, which may be more convenient for your needs
  • Eliminate the old beer fridge entirely and upgrade to a larger capacity main refrigerator

It will cost you up front to replace your inefficient refrigerator, but you’ll get that back quickly with energy savings from an energy efficient  model.

There’s another way to save when upgrading your refrigerator.  Disposing of an old refrigerator isn’t cheap.  Most landfills charge tipping fees and the fridge must be properly prepared and tagged by a technician, before you can dispose of it.

You can save these fees if you can negotiate with the retailer to include removal of the old fridge, if you buy a new one.  You may also be able to get free delivery – another savings.

Also check with your energy company.  Some will remove old refrigerators for nothing when you upgrade and they’ll dispose of the old one for you.

Be energy wise and save money.


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