Roasted Garlic Express Review


If you’re a garlic lover, the Roasted Garlic Express is one tool you’ll want to try out for yourself.  It’s a time-saver as well as saves energy, compared to oven garlic roasting. With an affordable price tag, it would also make a nice gift item under $40.

What I Like About the Roasted Garlic Express:

Designed for roasting three (four if small) whole garlic bulbs, this little appliance couldn’t make the process any easier or quicker.  Nothing much to set up, simple to use and easy to clean. A space-saver, it has a tiny footprint that doesn’t hog the counter space.

How it Works:

The best part – no garlic peeling at all, just slice off a small top section to expose the cloves, turn upside down in the roasting pan, add a little olive oil, close lid and start.  The whole timed roasting process takes 27 minutes. After roasting, cool and squeeze out the roasted garlic pulp.

I also used it to bake a tiny apple crumble (enough for two) and also roasted a boneless chicken breast in it.  It would be ideal for a number of small roasting tasks including roasting mushrooms.  The lid allows for taller food items and it’s also nonstick.

What Could be Improved:

The appliance itself seems pretty durable, but I’d love to see a premium finish on the roasting pan. Though the nonstick pan cleans up nicely and still looks new, how long the coating will last depends on the care you give it.  I would treat it with the best of nonstick care – no metal utensils or harsh detergents.

Best to handwash the roasting pan and don’t break a egg on the edge of the pan,  it could eventually make the finish peel on the edge.  They do sell replacement pans, should you need one.

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