Tips on Buying, Defrosting or Cooking a Turkey, Poultry Dressing & Cooking Pumpkin


If you’re planning on having a turkey dinner, there are ways to save money buying a turkey.

There’s also three different ways to safely defrost a turkey.  Find out more about defrosting a turkey, how long it generally takes and learn some turkey tips and how to cook one – read more… Turkey Talk – From Freezer to Table

Consider making slow cooker poultry dressing instead of stuffing the bird. It’s a time saver and tastes wonderful.  See my Poultry Dressing Recipe which can be adapted for the slow cooker.

And if you’re planning on making a pumpkin pie from scratch, check my tips on cooking/steaming pumpkin. Fresh pumpkin is so much more tasteful in a pie than canned. Read more in What to do With Pumpkin

Find helpful tips on buying a roaster in my: Best Roasters, Roasting Pans

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