Save Energy – Avoid Heating or Cooling Empty Rooms


The guest room is once again clean and ready for the next arrivals, but that could be a few days.  In the meantime, why heat it?

While we know the benefits of zone heating those areas where we spend the most time, what we often forget is to turn off the heat in areas that remain unoccupied for several days, such as a guest room, storage, craft room, shop or utility room.

Rooms that have no waterworks to worry about freezing during cold weather, are prime areas where we can reduce and save energy.

Turn off the heat to those rooms or shut the door or heat vent, to keep the heat down or out altogether.  With doors shut, your common areas will stay warm while you save money.  Just remember to allow heat in to those rooms, when they are expected to be occupied.

In hot climates, turn off the air conditioner to those empty rooms or turn down individual cooling systems, to save energy.

It’s also a good idea to review contents of the area to make certain there’s nothing there that could be damaged from a cooler or warmer temperature.

A few kilowatts saved means more money in your pocket!

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