Avoid Costly Frills – Unless They Matter


Who wants to pay more for electricity than they need to?

waterdispenserI’m probably safe to assume that paying more isn’t your cup of tea so when you shop for appliances, avoid paying for frills you don’t need.  Frills can be very nice, but only when they matter.

Take this water dispenser for instance, it has two spigots – one for cold and the other for hot water, as some models do. A hot water dispenser can be very handy – for hot chocolate, instant oatmeal and a quick not-quite-steeped cup of tea.  But when it comes to water coolers, most forget the option is there and in most cases, the temperature on these isn’t exactly optimum either.

While it’s true that most models have an on/off switch so you can shut off the hot water if you don’t need it, it’s located on the back of the unit, which isn’t the handiest place.  Dispensers with only cold water dispensing are usually cheaper than dual models.

On the other hand, if you do like hot water occasionally, you could turn it off when not needed for long periods of time – that will save you energy.  And you’ll reap further energy savings if you turn off or unplug the whole dispenser, when you’re going on vacation.
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