Save Energy – Keep Out Drafts


You can save energy and reduce heating bills by keeping out drafts, even the small ones.insulators When electrical outlets are installed on exterior walls, there’s little space for insulation there and that leaves an open space for small drafts to sneak through.  With the cover plate over the plug or switch outlet, it goes undetected till a draft is noticed during cold weather.

You can solve this draft problem by adding cheap insulator covers that you can find at hardware or home renovation outlets.  Remove the cover plate, apply the appropriate insulator (plug or switch) – just press it into place, then replace the plastic cover over it.

As you can see from the image, a triple switch outlet required a little creativity and trimming before applying to make sure they will fit snuggly under the wide switch cover.  This is a small energy-saving job that costs very little and you won’t have to do again.

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