Bowling – Affordable & Fun Family Game


The decades-old game of bowling still continues to draw a steady stream of participants with most being seniors, who enjoy the strategy and exercise.  Sadly, the word ‘bowling’ is not often heard among today’s growing families, yet bowling is not just a senior sport.

We tend to forget that bowling is both affordable and a great way to enjoy team play with family and friends.  It generally fosters laughter and competition, and is a great way to get a little exercise, without really meaning to.  If your family lacks exercise overall, a game of bowling is a great way to get everyone moving.

If you haven’t graced the bowling lanes in a long time, you should know that scoring has changed somewhat, but don’t worry, they usually have an easy to follow guide for newbies.  You don’t need to have any special equipment; everything can be rented cheaply. That being said,  having your own shoes would be a good idea, if bowling becomes a routine activity.

There’s nothing wrong with scheduled fitness or sporting activities, but when everyone leaves the house to attend their own interest groups, a family can quickly lose its team spirit and closeness. And not everyone can afford to enroll their family in regular sporting activities.

Going on an outing, field trip, to the library or to a game of bowling together, can help bridge generation gaps, foster relationships and generally encourage two-way conversations – something we all need and too often, miss.


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