Hang Musical Instruments


Keeping musical instruments safe and protected from accidents or dings will save you money in costly repairs and there’s a good choice of instrument hangers or stands for just that task.

While it can seem very handy to prop up a guitar, bass guitar or mandolin up against furniture or a wall, pressure on the neck can cause the fretted neck to pull away from the instrument’s body and that can cost dearly in repairs or replacement of your favorite instrument.

It’s true that you should have a padded or hard case for your stringed instruments and that is the best way to keep them safe, but we’ve found that when instruments are in cases, we tend to play them less.  And musical instruments are meant to be played; they develop a beautiful tone the more they are played.

Store the case for use to safely transport instruments from you home and hang them in the meantime, so you can easily and quickly reach them when you want to play them.  Hanging choices include wall hangers or stands and while stands, especially those that can hold more than one instrument, are very handy to have, when floor space is limited, hanging on the wall is the best solution.  It’s also the best, to keep them from being accidentally knocked over, when you have pets or toddlers running around.

Hang them up. Play them. And enjoy a (mostly) repair-free delightful pastime.
Check Prices of Instrument Hangers on Amazon
Check Prices of Musical Instruments on Amazon

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