Cheap, Light Mixing & Serving Bowls


If you’re tight on kitchen storage, you’ll like how easily stainless steel bowls stack and store.  And their light construction also makes them easier to retrieve, especially if you have to store them on a high kitchen shelf.

You can find stainless steel bowls in hardware retailers or general merchandise stores in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Some have various bowl shapes (shallow vs deep), but if you want to easily nest them, it’s a good idea to grow your set from the same store and brand.

I’ve found these extremely useful for anything from mixing a cake mix to serving a salad.  They are also very handy for large food preparation such as when you’re canning or trimming and sorting venison or moose to package for the freezer. The larger ones are great for treat bowls; the smaller ones for preparing recipe ingredients.

The quality of steel bowls is nowhere near 18/10 grade which is the best stainless quality for kitchen tools and flatware.  If it were 18/08 or 18/10, it would be clearly marked or labelled as such. So expect the odd marks and a little staining, but that’s what keeps the price so low.  Also expect scratching over time and more so if you use a hand mixer in them.

You’ll be hard pressed to find much product information on stainless steel bowls, though they must be food grade quality.  For this reason, I would purchase them only at trusted retailers, rather than from bargain or dollar type stores.

Much cheaper than ceramic or stoneware bowls, you can grow quite a large set for very little. For those with arthritis or problem hands, light mixing and serving bowls are the way to go.  They are also ideal for the RV or to pack along with the tenting gear.

The only complaint I have about these somewhat generic stainless bowls is the lack of product information and the fact that it’s sometimes difficult to get plastic food wrap to stay on them, when you want to cover food.  And you should never leave acidic foods in them for long, especially not overnight, regardless of the stainless quality.

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