Fruit Flies – How to Get Rid of Them


It often seems like fruit flies just come out of the woodwork, especially when there’s a little fruit on the counter. And try as you must, it’s impossible to get them all and extremely embarrassing when you have company.

There’s a couple of ways you can attack your fruit flies. You could spray the room with a home and garden-type of flying bug spray, but that can leave your home smelling less than pleasant.  It can also cause allergy problems for some.

The easiest, low-cost and quickest way to get rid of fruit flies is to mix them a special concoction that’s sure to please (you).  It’s easy to mix, cheap and effective.  Within just an hour, you actually see dead fruit flies in the bottom of the glass. So here’s how to make your own fruit fly trap:

  • Pour 2″ or 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar in a small narrow juice glass or small jar.
  • Add one drop of liquid dish soap – any kind. I use Palmolive®.

The reason I use a 4-ounce glass is to limit the amount of apple cider vinegar, to lessen the cost.  The glass could even be smaller.  This concoction attracts fruit flies and one sip finds them meeting their doom, at the bottom of the brink.

A friend tried regular white table vinegar, but it’s not as effective. Apple cider vinegar is sweeter, therefore is a better draw. Check it in an hour, you should see a few dead flies on the bottom.

Keep the glass going for about 4 days (dead flies and all) or till it becomes ineffective and refresh as needed.  Make sure to place the glass where no one will accidentally grab and drink it. I place it on the window sill in the kitchen. This solution seems to be very effective for fruit flies, but it doesn’t have any effect on regular house flies.

I can’t take credit for this tip. Many thanks to my visiting friends – Tom and Sue who came up with this remedy. The fruit flies were driving me insane. But no more!


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