ClubHouse Gravy Mix – Best for Poutine


I’ve been hunting for the best Poutine gravy and by Jove, I think I’ve found it – ClubHouse® Gravy Mix – Poutine.  No wonder, since it’s made especially for Poutine. It comes in dry mix packet form and you can find it where ClubHouse brands are sold.

This ClubHouse Gravy is so tasty, you’d think it was simmered for hours with carrots and other prime vegetables. It is great on a Poutine, but I’ve also been serving this ClubHouse Poutine Gravy with several other meats and meal entrees such as meatloaf and today with a venison roast.

It seems to compliment any type of meat – poultry, beef, pork, venison or moose. Club House does make other gravy mixes, but this one seems adaptable to whatever you are cooking. So it’s good to have a few packets on hand especially for meats that tend to be dry.

And second to the excellent taste? The price is comparable to other dry gravy mixes, but ClubHouse mixes make 2-cups, rather than the typical 1-cup volume. That means more savings on your food budget.

ClubHouse Poutine Gravy Mix is fat-free, has no trans fat and no artificial colours or flavours. Unfortunately, it does have milk and soy derivatives, corn and gluten so it may not be the best choice for those with allergies or sensitivities. On the bright side, calories are only 25 per serving (one fifth of the prepared gravy).

ClubHouse® is a registered brand of ClubHouse Canada® and McCormick & Co®. McCormicks in the U.S. has quite a variety of gravy and sauce mixes, though I don’t see the Poutine mix on the U.S. site. Sorry, only available in Canada. You can find it on ClubHouse Canada.

It’s worth checking out more of ClubHouse and McCormick’s gravy and sauce mixes since it seems, they have that ‘down home’ taste – without the fat.


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