Mood Lifters for Fall Doldrums


The brightly colored fall leaves may make some smile, but not everyone enjoys nature’s brilliant display. For some, fall signals the approach of a long, cold winter and that’s enough to bring on a mental chill.

If you’ve been feeling a little blue lately, you’re not alone. Many get the doldrums at this time of year. But a good plan of attack can lift your mood and help you to look forward to the next season.  And maybe you’ll get to enjoy it too.

I love the fall season, but the thought of winter coming can sometimes make me feel blue too. I literally have to push myself out the door sometimes but once out, I can instantly feel a mood change. So the goal is not to linger long in a blue mood, but to take a step out of it.

Here’s a Few Remedies for the Fall Doldrums:

  • A Do-it-Yourself project can be rewarding and refreshing
  • Plant spring bulbs to lift your spirits and better anticipate the coming seasons
  • Take a drive or a walk and enjoy the fall scenery, colors, flowers, drying grasses, falling leaves
  • Plan an outing to watch the wildlife migration and see how some animals gather their winter food
  • Try a new recipe; cook some harvest vegetables
  • Stock the larder. Preserve some of the locally-grown or your own garden’s fruits and vegetables. That usually gives me a sense of well-being.
  • Plan for the coming holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Browse stores or online for decor items, crafts or gifts ideas.
  • Freshen up a room with a simple paint job, wall decor or trim.
  • Host a summer’s end or harvest moon picnic or tailgate event
  • With kids back in school, it’s a great time to upgrade or refresh your own skills or learn something new
  • Rake a few leaves, clean flower beds…simply get outdoors; it can be a mood changer
  • Visit a shut-in – it takes your mind off yourself

Above all, don’t just sit and pout that summer’s done. Embrace what nature has to offer – a lot. It’s there for the viewing.

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