Beet Greens – Nutritious & Tasty


Many consider the green leaves of garden beets as foliage that should be discarded, but don’t be too quick to trim this nutritious root vegetable.  Similar to Swiss chard and spinach, beet greens are loaded with nutrients.

They also have a very nice mild, but distinctive flavor, which I can only describe as being a happy medium between Swiss chard and spinach.

So next time you’re buying beets or harvesting them, either cook and serve them with greens on, or cut off and save the leaves for another meal.

Always check the greens and discard those areas that are dried or less desirable, but keep the stems – they have a nice flavor. Wash the greens in cold water.

Cook beet greens the same way you would spinach – either with a little water on a gentle simmer, but preferably steamed just till stems and leaves are tender.  You’ll need a lot more in the pot because greens tend to boil down considerably.  The water till turn pink as they cook but you will be draining that off. Serve beet greens with a little butter and seasonings.

A mess of beet greens – nutritious but also a ‘free’ side dish, so enjoy!

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