(Mashed) Potato Salad Recipe


Leftover mashed potatoes? No problem, you can make a super quick mashed potato salad for your next meal.

This is extremely handy when the leftovers are too much to discard and not enough for reheating and family serving.

Making a mashed potato salad is extremely quick since the hard work is already done – peeling, boiling and mashing the potatoes.  And it doesn’t matter that you might have added milk, butter or cream cheese to them; these will just add flavor. But potatoes should be cold. Refrigerated leftovers from the previous day’s meal are ideal.

Simply add what you normally put in your potato salad and mix. For me that would be chopped peppers, onions and celery and for the mashed salad version, I usually chop them a little finer. Then add mayonnaise, favorite seasonings and you’re done.  It takes only a few minutes and you’ll have a nice cold salad to serve with your next meal.

I have made this easy potato salad just prior to serving – actually while preparing the meal, but refrigerating it for a hour or two does add to the flavor.

Leftover mashed potatoes can also be added to soups, but we look forward to enjoying them in this cold salad style.

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