Convection Saves Over Standard Heaters


Reducing energy costs is high priority for most households and sometimes a mere change of heating product can reap substantial savings.

Convection Wall Heater

Convection Wall Heater

That’s where a change to convection heaters can make a difference – they’re energy efficient heaters compared to standard wall heaters.

While their installation varies slightly and they cost more than a standard 220V baseboard heater, you’ll save roughly 30% in electricity use.  That’s a great energy savings and you’ll quickly recoup the cost.  There’s a choice of two models, with or without a fan and though a fan sounds like a good way to distribute that hot air, most find it noisy when the heater is on.

Here’s what to consider if you want to upgrade your current less efficient heaters or are dealing with a new room installation.  And a word of caution, these heaters are much bigger so it may mean slight changes in decor or furniture placement – but the savings are worth it.

  • Heaters are 220 volts and should be installed by a qualified electrician
  • They are usually installed a little higher than standard heaters, about 4″ off the floor
  • There are various sizes of wattage available – size it right for the area but keep in mind that the larger you go, the wider the heater is
  • You should keep at least a 5″ clearance from drapes, furniture on all sides and front (or more if recommended by the manufacturer)
  • The only operating noise is the occasional metal constricting from temperature changes
  • You can control them with a wall-mounted thermostat (sold separately)
  • Hint on wattage:  A 1500 watt heater is usually recommended for a 150 sq. ft. area

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