Ridgid R350CHA Framing Nailer Review


Ridgid Framing NailerAt the time of purchase about five years ago, most of the stick nailers on the market were close to or over the $400 mark. Today you can buy some brands for as little as $150.

The Ridgid® is now being offered around $245 in my area. That is a very fair price and it appears that none of the specifications have changed and the quality is still there.

Ridgid R350CHA Features:

  • Capacity: 80-100
  • Fastener type: clip head paper collated
  • Shank Diameter: .113 – .131
  • Fastener Length: 2 – 3.5 inch
  • Angle: 30 – 34 degree
  • Weight: 15 lbs

I did a rough calculation of how many fasteners, both framing and sheeting the Ridgid has fired and came up with approximately 18,000 give or take a few hundred either way. With that many firings, I can remember only two jams and both were due to nails hitting buried screw heads, my own fault. There has been not one misfire.

The nail gun has performed flawlessly. You can attribute some of the reliability to proper care, such as frequent cleaning, proper oiling before each use, and never ever setting it down in the sand or gravel.

There is one small detail that I had a little trouble with. The little flip switch that changes the gun from single to bump fire kept turning on me. I’d be bump firing along a chalk line and it would quit. It was just a little aggravating.

Some might think the gun is a little heavy but once you get used to it you can drive a lot of nails without fatigue. There is a very sharp claw on either side of the discharge tube to make toe nailing effortless. With the rear feed and bypass follower, the gun can be loaded and unloaded very quickly, a real time-saver if you have time restraints.

There were a couple of nice features included with the gun: Safety glasses, tube of air gun oil, wrench, good strong carrying case with shoulder strap, a belt or hanging clip (wide enough to hang on 2x lumber) and a soft foot for a no mar finish.

If I had to buy a new framing nail gun again I would not hesitate to go right back to the Ridgid brand. With the three year warranty and Lifetime Service Agreement, you cannot lose.
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