Dewalt DW735 13″ Thickness Planer Review


dewaltplanerWhen a power tool you have relied on for about eighteen years finally gives up the ghost, a feeling of panic sets in.  What the heck am I going to do now?

I’m right in the middle of an important commissioned build and I need that tool to finish the job.  The nearest one is two hours away at a big box store.

Long story short, I drove the two hours and picked up a new thickness planer and as the title says, it is the new Dewalt® three blade, two feed speed model. All Dewalt tools come packaged in very sturdy boxes and this one was no different.  The tool was well protected and showed no damage. There were only two small installations, the hand wheel and dust chute to contend with and it was ready to go.

You will hear me say in other reviews to please read and follow all instructions carefully.  This particular time I read but did not take one instruction seriously.  The previous planer I was using needed a collection cyclone along with a shop vacuum to control the dust and chips. The new Dewalt has a very powerful fan assisted chip discharge system and requires a dust collection system in order to keep up. Of course I plugged my hoses up solid and created a dust storm. An easy lesson learned.

Just before the old machine died, I had planed a few linear feet of red oak and noticed much less than perfect results. This was the ideal time to fire up the newbie in the shop and see what it would do. The results of the first board planed were so surprising, I had trouble believing it. The board was absolutely glass smooth. I could not detect any planer marks whatsoever. The three blade slow feed speed did the trick.

Be warned, the planer is a screamer compared to others I have used, so hearing protection is recommended. I have not purchase the extension tables yet so I have no comment as to their usefulness or how hard they are to install.

Snipe is usually a problem with portable planers and unless you are careful it will be a problem with the DW735 as well. It does have a permanent carriage lock but you must still follow the rules of snipe reduction.  Very useful features include a thickness removal indicator, large turret depth stop and an easy to read depth gauge. The wide spaced four post design makes for a very stable cutter head and motor mountings. Cranking the carriage up or down is done with ease with the large hand wheel and very smooth lift mechanism.

All in all, this planer gets my vote on ease of use, quality of both product and product produced and features mentioned earlier. I would recommend buying the DW735, even though the price may be a bit higher than comparable models. The packaged weight is listed at one hundred pounds but the actual unit is ninety two pounds. If you add the extension tables it may bring it back up to one hundred and would make it a little heavy and awkward for one person to lift.

I think you might like the no nonsense guarantee as well, “ninety days money back, one year service contract, and a full three year warranty”.

Be sure to follow all the safety precautions listed in the well-written instruction booklet. As with all tools, keep them clean and in good repair and they will last you a long time.dewaltthickplaner

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