Set up a Home Office or Computer Corner


Computer and lucky bamboo.If you work from home, you probably already have a workspace and that’s great because having a designated space to work, tends to make you more efficient. Even if you don’t work at home, you still need a computer or bill-paying corner.

Every household has paper work, you cannot get away from it. There are bills to pay, taxes to file, gift lists to draw up and of course, the family budget to manage. There are also product manuals to keep track of, as well as vehicle maintenance schedules to maintain. And there also important dates to log so you don’t miss appointments.

Though we try hard to have a paperless life, it’s just not possible. If you don’t have a specific place to gather bills and mail as they come in or to save receipts for tax filing and such, that can lead to missed savings. So setting up a home office just makes smart sense and it can help you to better manage your budget and life.

The home workspace should be organized in such a way that you can work comfortably and efficiently. I’ve put together a list of things you need for a home office. Some items are essentials and others can make the space more comfortable.  Read more about setting up a home office or computer corner in my: Must-Haves for the Home Office

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