Ridgid TS3660 Table Saw Review


ridgidtablesawI know what you are thinking right about now, why review a saw they do not manufacture any longer. Oh, Ridgid® still makes table saws, just not this particular model and it is a shame.

The TS3660 was one of the better deals to be had. Fortunately for me, a chance came up to purchase one of the last models to be sold in my area, in my province for that matter. I was one happy man when I finally dragged the box into my workshop and proceeded to set it up.

That was the start of a long day of reading, measuring, assembling and checking. Here is a fine example of ‘do it right the first time’. Since setting it up almost three yrs ago, I have not had to make one adjustment, it has stayed true. The other bonus to this would be no breakdowns and no parts needed.

It would be pointless for me to give all the specs on this saw. What I can tell you is that there is plenty of power to handle 1 ¾ inch hardwood with ease, rip full size sheet goods with a helper of course, use a set of stacked dado blades, up to ¾ inch and a rip fence that is as good as I have used on any contractor style saw.

The rip fence locks down solid with no racking and has t-slots on both sides and two on the top, making it ideal for sacrificial fences and all sorts of jigs. The miter gauge is typical of the contractor-type saw, but fits well in the t-slot and sets up fairly accurately. There is a dust port to hook up a shop vacuum and a lift mechanism, making it very easy to move around the shop.

What I’m getting at here is simply this, if you have a chance to purchase a used TS3660, or for that matter the model before it, the TS3650 and you can convince yourself that the price is fair and the machine is in good safe working order, don’t hesitate to buy it.  The sale price on the saw I purchased new was just shy of six hundred dollars, so expect to pay between two to four hundred dollars. I assure you, it will be money well spent.

There is one thing you need to concern yourself with and that is the fact that the saw table is all cast steel and will rust very quickly if you do not have a heated shop, or by some chance left some damp wood sitting on the top. To avoid this, give the table a few good coats of a good quality paste wax and buff it up all nice and shiny.

You will not believe how much that improves ease of cutting. I did say paste wax, if you use silicone based wax you will have a lot of trouble with finishing your woodworking. Silicone sticks to everything, and nothing sticks to silicone, it was a mistake I learned the hard way.

Before you shell out your hard earned bucks, make sure all safety features are still on the saw, like blade guards, paddle switch and pulley covers. Turn the crank wheels, use the lift mechanism and check the blade and spindle for wobble; a jammed blade will sometimes throw a spindle out of kilter. Parts are readily available for this saw should they be needed, both from Ridgid Tools and some outlets and a parts manual in available on-line.

Make sure you follow all machine and personal safety rules of the shop and keep those safety glasses on.

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