DIY – Pull Out for those Plastics


DIYplasticsstorageWhen it comes to aggravation in the kitchen, the culprit is often trying to retrieve the right food storage container (and lid), without creating an avalanche of plastics, every time you open that cabinet.

And trying to find things in a bottom cupboard is virtually impossible for many. We know some seniors who have stopped using any of their bottom cabinets, simply because they no longer can get down there to retrieve anything. You can solve this and make better use of your cupboard space with a simple DIY project.

If there’s a handyman in the home, replicating this slide-out box is a simple project. Dan made a wooden box out of scrap pine, just a tad smaller than the interior cabinet’s width and depth, but leaving at least one inch available in height for the sliding track hardware. A cut-out handle makes this box easy to remove, but handles are optional.

Some things to keep in mind when approaching this DIY:

  • You’ll need two bottom-mounted slides, shorter than the depth of the cabinet, from your local hardware or renovation center.
  • Half the track is screwed to the bottom or side of the cabinet (depending on the style you buy), the rest goes on the box. Instructions usually come with the hardware.
  • Allow enough space for the height of the track when building a rectangular box.
  • You can use 3/8″ thick pine or other wood (we used 3/4″).
  • A cut-out handle makes for a quick grab hold or to lift the box out if you want. You could also simply pull from the edge of the box and eliminate the handles.
  • The higher the box sides, the more storage space.
  • The box could be customized further with dividers.
  • Give the box a protective coat of stain or leave it natural.

This kind of storage especially for plastic containers helps to make full use of the cabinet space while keeping the plastics in some sort of organized fashion. You can use this type of pull-out for kitchen appliances, food storage or anything else.

And the sliding track allows full extension which makes for better access of contents. You can outfit all your bottom cabinets in such a way, to improve reach and better organize all your kitchenware and cookware.

For those without a resident handy person, there are many types of cabinet slide-out or pull-out shelves or racking systems on the market. Measuring carefully is crucial for a successful install.

Buying ready-made cabinet systems is more costly than making your own, but it’s a great alternative. Cabinet storage enhancements will make your kitchen more efficient and also add value to your home. Follow the Amazon link to see all the various cabinet organizing products available – some are not slide-out or pull-out. I’ve also featured some storage systems that are very popular with consumers.

And, whoever uses the cabinet pull-outs will thank you every time!

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