Love Keurig Coffee but not the K-Cup Costs?


keurigkcupsThere’s no denying that Keurig® K-Cup coffees and teas are the ultimate in single-serve brewing, but there’s a cost to enjoying this brew.

Depending on your budget, it could quickly become a financial drag, to keep a stock of K-cups handy. The supply seems to dwindle all too quickly for the avid coffee lover. And of course, you’ll want some K-Cup varieties too.

You can save some money by enjoying the occasional K-cup coffee or tea and supplementing some of the time with your own coffee or tea blends, using the Keurig specially-designed My K-Cup Filter system.

This little 3-pc (mesh filter, filter holder, lid) system fits in most Keurig brewers including the B30 B40 B50 B60 B70 – there are exceptions. Note that this reusable filter does not fit the newer Keurig Vue Brewer. You simply push out the K-Cup holder on your brewer, fill the little filter with your choice of coffee or tea, insert it in the grey filter holder, add lid and drop into the brewer’s holder space. Then brew as you would a K-Cup.

We’ve been using the Keurig My K-Cup Filter Assembly for about two years now. We originally thought the little mesh filter would not last – we were wrong. After each use, you simply empty of grounds (or tea leaves) and rinse/wash it out. Use it again and again.

What we did find using this filter assembly, is that we could enjoy a gourmet brew for around $.12 rather than the $.50 – .75 per K-cup. That’s quite a saving. We tried many different types of specialty coffee grounds but we couldn’t beat our usual drip-brewer blends – Folgers® or Maxwell House®, when brewed in a Keurig this way. The coffee flavor was very enhanced by the brewing system, resulting in a bold, coffee-shop taste.

So, to save on K-cups, all you need is the My K-Cup Filter Assembly – a 3-pc system. Note that you can buy small filter replacements and the box looks similar, so make sure you have the 3-pc unit before buying. We did buy a replacement mesh filter thinking we would need it; it has remained unused.

For the tea lover, I’d suggest buying a filter assembly just for teas, so there’s no cross-contamination of flavors.

There are other brands of reusable filters for Keurig brewers. One is a the Solofill (red) a 1-piece unit with hinged lid. We weren’t impressed with this system as it leaked from the lid on occasion. Because the My K-Cup Filter is made by Keurig, it’s a better fit for their brewers.

Now you can feel good about saving more money and still enjoy gourmet coffee and the occasional K-Cup blend at home.
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