How to Set a Table


Hosting a dinner party for the holidays? Learn how to set a table properly.

proper table setting

Proper Table Setting

Most days, eating in the living room in front of the television has become the norm in our home (now that the kids are gone) and I’m sure many others have also resorted to this quick informal eating style.

Not a great way to eat and certainly not recommended by the health industry, but it’s hard to get out of this dining style. It also lacks when it comes to stimulating family conversation.

Before you know it, proper table setting is a distant memory. But have no fear, a little refresher of how to set a table for a formal dinner, will help get you get into the entertaining swing in time for the Holidays.

Besides learning where to put what where, I’ve also got some frugal hosting tips on what items you can use to set and decorate your table, if your entertainment budget is tight.  So don’t fret the dinner, be prepared and enjoy the evening…read more about how to set a table

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