PRECIOSA-Ornela Beads – Simple Elegance


earrings2As a way to save money in the accessories department, I started crafting beaded jewelry.

My daughter first introduced me to this art form and to PRECIOSA® Traditional Czech Beads, and it was love at first sight.

The fire-polished nature of these Czech  glass beads is what gives the finished piece a simple elegance.

Yes, you could go all out and weave, embroider and do all forms of intricate details with PRECIOSA-Ornela beads, but simple can look purely awesome too. That’s because of the quality and gleam of these beads – they can stand on their own and shine. And you feel extravagant wearing them too.

So for the beginner like myself, simple projects were the order of the day. That was enough to get hooked on beading. Now I want to bead more of these and I’m ready to get more creative with them.

From the image posted, you can see that you don’t really need to make something very complicated to create art that is beautiful to look at and wearable jewelry that will be treasured for a long time. For these earrings, I used PRECIOSA® Rondels – one 8mm Topaz and one 6mm Capri Gold.

PRECIOSA-Ornela beads are hard to find in my area and I usually have to order online. However, I was fortunate recently to find some of their 6/0 size glass seed beads in two interesting colors – Dark Sapphire and Root Beer for an excellent price. As soon as I saw the brand name, I knew I was looking at a sweet deal. These look very rich and I can’t wait to use them in another project.

Making your own jewelry is the frugal way to go. If you lose one earring, you can make another one and you’ll always be wearing art that’s truly unique and your own style. It doesn’t take much to get started – a few glass beads, end pins, jump rings, earring wires and for this project, I used a couple of antique silver beads, which seem to make the fire-polished glass sizzle.

This is a wonderful yet practical hobby to get into. You can also sell your artistic jewelry or give it as a gift. But best of all, you’ll always have your own accessories to complement your attire.

Have a look at the variety of PRECIOSA-Ornela beads available and then find them at your local bead outlet. There’s a good variety of colors too. They have some very interesting ones, including their PRECIOSA Twin™ which are 2-hole beads, Lamp beads – truly artful, their pressed PRECIOSA Thorn™ and PRECIOSA Pellet™  beads. I would love to have a closer look at those.

If you’re not familiar with the name, PRECIOSA Ornela is an industry leader in seed beads and beads. You’ll find their beads all over the world. Currently, PRECIOSA Ornela has a ‘beads for blogpost’ campaign going. You might want to check that out at: Though their marketing department is Czech, blog posts for this campaign are English.

Check out: PRECIOSA Ornela on Flicker for cool project images

Visit them on Facebook;  follow them on Twitter – use hashtag #BEADSFORBLOGPOST  or find them on

You’ll find lots of projects, tutorials and videos online for making beaded jewelry, but also check out PRECIOSA projects, if you need inspiration. And start saving money by beading and making your own jewelry.

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