Still Using the Old Style Holiday Lights?


Style: "Neutral"That’s a shame, because it’s costing you a lot more than energy-saving LED’s. LED holiday lights can save you money, since they use up to 80% less energy than those old bulbs.

And they are so economical, it just makes good frugal sense to upgrade to them. With energy savings, you’ll pay off the new strings of lights in no time.

There are other reasons to upgrade to LED’s. I made the switch about eight years ago and once I realized how much more durable these are – they can take the odd drop or hit against the fence, I threw all out the old ones. It’s now energy savers all the way. Indoors and out.

Energy-saving lights last longer and bulbs are not fragile like the old style, If you’re looking for replacement bulbs to keep on hand for new LED’s, don’t bother looking cause you won’t find any. These new lighting strings do not have bulbs that can be replaced – they are sealed units. I haven’t had any wear out or break after several years of use.

As for brightness, as you would expect they are not quite as bright as the old kind, but still light up pretty well. And the technology is improving all the time. There’s also more color choices available since they were first introduced to market.

In some areas, all holiday light strings sold are LED, but you can occasionally find other decorations that still use the old technology. Something to keep in mind: When you use energy efficient LED holiday lights, you’re saving money and knowing that can help you to relax and enjoy this festive decorations, rather than stress over the operational cost.

Have a safe, frugal and happy holiday season!

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