Easy DoritosĀ® Dish


doritodishMy daughter first introduced me to this quick-to-make DoritosĀ® dish. It’s a version of the Doritos bagged meal or snack they often make while camping.

When they make it, the single portion bag of Doritos chips is broken up a bit, then everyone adds their favorite ingredients to the bag and it gets a shake.

They can spoon this meal right from the bag while enjoying a cozy campfire. And this is one meal even the teenagers love.

We varied her method slightly to make it a dish, rather than a bagged meal. And we’ve been enjoying it ever since. You can make it using any type or flavor of tortilla chips, but Doritos just works so well. In fact, I ordered a Taco salad in a restaurant lately and received a very similar dish with tortilla chips.

Add or vary ingredients at will; there’s no hard and fast rule with this meal. Don’t have all the ingredients? Just add more salsa. This dish totally perks up your taste buds. And for optimum fun, let everyone fix their own plate – buffet style.

  • Start by sauteing ground beef, deer or moose with onions, garlic, taco seasonings (or your own blend). Remove grease.
  • To a dinner plate, place a few Doritos to cover the bottom or around the edge.
  • Add a generous portion of chopped lettuce.
  • Add the hot/warm cooked meat.
  • Add some chopped veggies: Celery, onions, tomatoes, peppers
  • Drop generous amounts of tomato salsa here and there according to taste
  • Sprinkle grated cheddar (or other) cheese over top
  • Break up a few Doritos into bits and sprinkle over dish
  • Optional: Dollop of salsa and/or sour cream as side compliments

Grab a fork or scoop with Doritos. This dish not only gives you a great blend of vegetables, but it’s super tasty and fun to eat. From making to serving – about half an hour. Left-over meat freezes nicely to enjoy later. A similar restaurant dish would cost up to $12 or more; you can make a similar meal much cheaper at home.

Thanks Leah for this recipe – we’ll enjoy this tasty dish for a long time.

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