Great Source for Instrument Accessories


capoandstringsWe’re always on the look-out for a good source for musical instrument accessories, one that offers good service, competitive pricing and especially a deal on shipping. Found a great one recently:

Guitar Strings and Beyond  877-830-0722

We bought a set of strings for our short-scale bass guitar, plus a new guitar capo. Costs were so much better than competitive pricing – the savings were fantastic. And shipping was free (with orders over $35 at time of order). That’s something we don’t often see for small orders and especially when cross-border shipping is involved.

Hubby put the new strings on his Fender bass guitar and is really enjoying them.  The Performance 2 G7th Capo is a very different style than what I’m used to and I’m reserving judgement till I give it a good try-out.

I would love to find a capo that I can adjust or change on the fly, completely with the left hand. I thought this new brand might just work since it has a small release lever (bottom left), but there seems to be a learning curve so far. It sure is pretty though and deserves being given a chance to perform.

So if you’re looking for deals on guitar strings and such, try out  Guitar Strings and Beyond. You’ll like them. We intend on posting more information regarding musical instruments and equipment in future, including helpful buying tips and reviews. Music is a great hobby to get into, regardless what your age or level of musical ability.

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