Save Your Geraniums for Next Year


For those living in cold climates, did you know that you can save money on plants next year by bringing certain plants indoors in the Fall, especially those that are not hardy specimens? Let them winter inside and bring them back out next Spring.

Not all plants are prone to wintering well indoors, but many do and bulb varieties should also be brought in. Bulbs such as gladiolas can be dug up, dried and placed in peat moss in a cool, dark place. You can then replant them in the Spring for another season’s enjoyment.

Geraniums do very well wintering inside too.  I usually leave them right in their hanging or small pots, but cut them down to about 2″.  Those that are in the flower beds, I usually dig up and temporarily plant in 12″ pots, cutting them down as well and placing them in a cool room, but not necessarily dark.  I often set geranium pots on a basement shelf near a window.

Geraniums will hibernate well and need only a little water once in a while.  Discourage flowering by cutting them back, till you take them out in the Spring and reintroduce them to the outdoors.

Bringing plants in to winter will save them from frost and reduce your plant or gardening budget next year.



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