Shop Tip: Don’t Toss Sponge Paint Brushes – Recycle Them


Chances are you have used a few of those inexpensive foam paint brushes and threw them out when you finished the job. Here are a few uses for them after you strip off the foam.

Sponge Brushes Recycled

Sponge Brushes Recycled

Instead of buying expensive glue spreaders for your woodworking projects, make your own from the handle and plastic insert of the paint brush.

They can be cut to any length, width or shape and reused any number of times, just clean off the glue when it dries.

The wooden handled foam brushes can be stripped of their foam and plastic, and used for wooden dowels. They come in many sizes so be sure to measure the diameter before drilling your holes.

If you find they are a little large for standard drill sizes, it usually only takes a few strokes with medium sandpaper wrapped around it, to size it down.

Last but I’m sure not least, I use them for punches. Most of the handles on the ones I have seen are made of very soft wood. You can use them for tapping in dowels flush to the surface, setting plugs or make quick soft wedges from them. They are soft enough and will not mar most surfaces.

A word of caution:

Do not try to use the foam brushes for spreading glue – it doesn’t work!

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