Buy Bulk – Refill Bottles and Dispensers


Buying replacement liquid soap bottles, shampoos, conditioners and even cleaners can add up, but you can save quite a bit over a year buying bulk and refilling them.

Refill Dispensers & Bottles

Refill Dispensers

Handling small bottles on a day-to-day basis is much more convenient and if you buy large refill bottles, you can refill your dispensers and smaller bottles at your leisure and save a bundle.

I’ve found that for liquid soap alone, a large refill bottle costs only slightly more than a small ready-to-use bottle. By the second filling, I’ve hit the break-even point and there’s still several refills left in the bulk bottle.

Most dispensers and small bottles are not difficult to refill, nor do they take long.  When refilling your dispensers and bottles, take a minute to clean the exterior with soap and warm water to remove germs and bacteria, before replacing in the bathroom or kitchen.

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