Save Celery…For Later


When I grocery shop, I mean well buying lots of vegetables, but unfortunately some of it never makes it to the dinner table, but ends up in the trash.

Storing Celery

Storing Celery

And that’s a terrible waste of money and energy for that matter.  Celery is one of those veggies that I love to have on hand, but it tends to get neglected the most.

If you tend to only eat half of a celery bunch over a week, while it’s still very fresh, wash and cut that much, bag and freeze it.  Frozen celery does tend to be mushy so it’s not good for eating from the freezer, but it’s great for adding to soups, stews, pasta sauces and other cooked foods.

And don’t throw out the celery leaves; that’s where the most flavor is – bag it with the slices.  Use small freezer bags for the amounts you usually use for a recipe. This way you’ll have some freezer reserves of celery the next time you need some for cooking.

So don’t waste the celery, save it!  What’s a half of a celery bunch worth out your way?  There, you’ve just saved that much.

What can you do with fresh celery?

  • Wash, cut in long stalks and enjoy for snacks – a little cheese spread is nice
  • Put some in your lunch bag to enjoy with a sandwich
  • Chop some into a green salad
  • Chop fine for egg salad filling, scrambled eggs for western or Denver sandwiches
  • Chop coarse for pastas, soups, one-dish casseroles
  • Add a few pieces to steamed carrots
  • Serve with other fresh vegetables with your favorite dip



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