Visit Your Local Library – It’s Free


Your local library is a wonderful free resource for any type of book including craft, gardening, projects and how-to do just about anything books.  Most also have audio and e-books that can be borrowed.



Years ago when our family was young, to reduce the withdrawal symptoms when our television needed repairing, we started a library night every Wednesday evening.  Long after the television was back in operation, library night became a mainstay for all of us.

Whenever I’d get bored of cooking, I’d head to the local library for some inspiration – it fostered my creative cooking side and many new dishes became family favorites.  Ok,  there were some recipes that didn’t even get an encore, but most did.

Your local library has lots to offer and you’re paying for it with your tax dollars, so why not take advantage of this wonderful resource depot.  And it’s free to use usually (some may have a nominal registration fee), but borrowing costs nothing so long as you return books when due to avoid a late charge.

Looking for a particular book to read and can’t find it in the stores?  Most libraries will special order/request a book for you.  Most libraries also have WiFi, so you can browse at your leisure when needed.  It also can provide a quieter place to study or work on an essay.

Here’s an idea of some of the books you might find at the library:

  • Craft books – scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting, beading
  • Educational resources and encyclopedias
  • Photography
  • Technology, computer and software guides
  • Children’s books
  • Fiction, non-fiction, biographies, documentaries
  • Government literature
  • Budgeting, saving, investing, retirement planning
  • Woodworking, pattern books, shop tips
  • Fishing, hunting, camping, sports, kayaking
  • Painting and all kinds of art books
  • Saving energy and energy-related
  • Geography and travel books, cultures
  • Astronomy
  • Home renovations, home building
  • Animals, wildlife
  • Scenery
  • Gardening

Need I say more?   And yes it’s true that you can find lots of information on the web, but there’s just something about holding a hard copy in your hand and flipping pages.  Some might disagree, but I don’t think technology will ever totally replace some hard copy resources.

And let’s not forget the library outing – it’s a free source of entertainment and a place to take the kids when you need a change of scenery or outing.  When you borrow books from the library, you don’t have to store it so it reduces clutter and you’ll save money you might otherwise spend on books.  It’s also a good learning tool – teaching children to borrow, keep track of and care for the books and to return them.


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