Smart Power Meters Have Landed!


Beware, smart power meters have landed on homes in many areas and resulting electricity bills are showing the impact. 

Smart Power Meter

Smart Meter © Money Saving Frugal Tips

Energy conservation has become the norm and if you’re still reeling from culture shock, you do need to ‘get with the program’.

In order to foster awareness of electricity use, smart power meters are being installed in many areas worldwide.  The objective generally being, to get us to cut back on energy use.

What are smart power meters? They’re somewhat complicated, full-function digital upgrades to conventional electricity grid meters.  Smart meters will not save you money in themselves, though some would have you thinking otherwise.

Smart meters can indeed do more than conventional grid meters, but it’s not so much that these meters are smart, but rather that consumers will have no choice but to get on board and learn how to manage and reduce their electricity use and costs, which will make the consumer smarter about energy use.

We love our electrical gadgets and can’t imagine living without all that power, but demand for electricity is ever increasing and the supply is having a hard time catching up.  Hence why green energy such as wind power and solar power are such hot commodities.  So we must find ways to reduce our consumption, while still enjoying everything we plug into the power grid.

Not sure if you have a smart power meter on your home?  Talk to your electrical distribution company.  It’s important to know because smart power meters generally work in conjunction with time-of-use electricity rates.  You need to know if you’re paying different electricity rates at certain hours of the day, to better manage your electricity bills.

You may have a smart electricity meter installed on your home, but it’s possible that it is not yet fully functioning as a smart meter (more like a traditional meter), if the software that supports it is not completely in place in your area.  That is, your smart meter may not be totally active yet, but your neighbor’s could be.

And a smart meter that is not totally operational would be tracking consumption much the same as your conventional meter was doing – so you may not see a cost difference yet.  In this case, you’ll want to become informed as to rates and when they will become effective, in order to work at lowering your energy costs.

Note that not all areas have or will have smart meters tracking electricity usage, but many areas do, or are planning for them in the near future. What’s the best thing you can do?

Be informed and proactive.  Be an energy miser!



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