Save on Dryer Fabric Sheets


There’s basically two ways you can save money on dryer fabric sheets.

Dryer Fabric Sheets

Dryer Fabric Sheets © Money Saving Frugal Tips

If you haven’t bonded to a particular brand, I’ve found the generic or ‘no name’ varieties to be fairly good and the cost savings are tremendous.

In some cases you might pay a fraction of the cost of a top brand package of dryer fabric sheets and also get more fabric sheets per box to boot.

I’ve also found that since I do more small loads (I still believe in sorting laundry)  than large washloads, cutting dryer fabric sheets in half will give me sufficient fabric softener for those smaller loads.

You can easily cut dryer fabric sheets in half when in short stacks with a pair of kitchen utility scissors.  It only takes a couple of minutes and you’ll save up to 50% of the cost of the generic fabric sheets.  Always wash and dry scissors well after each use.

If you prefer liquid fabric softener, trying generic brands and cutting back slightly in how much you use in a washload, will help you save money.  Most often the recommended amounts of softener and detergent are more than you really need for a washload.

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