Goldfish – A Frugal Pet


If you long for a pet and having a dog, cat or bird is not an option for whatever reason, why not consider a goldfish.

GoldfishThey take little room, are quiet if you live in an apartment complex and require minimal attention – a little feeding every day and a weekly cleaning.

Though the conversation is definitely one-way, a goldfish can be a good pet and if you live alone, it’s rather nice to have a pet to talk to.  But you shouldn’t expect too much from a pet fish, their interaction is somewhat limited.

However, you can nurture it and they do respond to the attention, albeit in their own silent way.  Except for a weekly cleaning of their bowl or container, they require little care.

What Does Having a Goldfish Pet Involve?

  • A clear fishbowl or other glass bowl or container is the basic item you need for a goldfish or two.  You can add a few stones and plastic greenery or live aquatic plants to dress up their habitat.
  • Though various glass containers will do, get one that is heavier glass and easy to handle when wet.  Plastic is fine, but sometimes it’s not very transparent. Be sure to protect wooden furniture under a fishbowl – a trivet works well.
  • Fish food – a small container of fish food is cheap and lasts a long time.  The type will depend on the kind of fish you have.
  • Feed once a day only, just a couple of flakes – don’t overfeed.
  • You can have more than one fish; but some types of fish do not get along well.  Ask the pet store people if you want to mix fish.
  • Keep your goldfish in the room where you spend the most time; avoid dark cool and lonely places – they love company and water should be room temperature.
  • If you want more fish in an aquarium setting, you’ll need more than the basics, ie: aerator, gravel, heater
  • Scoop the fish to a waiting bowl while cleaning; avoid doing it over the sink – too hazardous.  Make sure the new water temperature feels similar to the old one and if you must use soap and water to wash the bowl, rinse thoroughly.

Fish are nice frugal pets, economical to buy, easy to care for, lovely to watch and quick to clean.  And it’s nice to have someone to talk to.


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