Shop Smarter for Holiday Gifts


Reduce the stress associated with shopping and save on your gift costs by shopping smarter this year. It may take a little preplanning, but you’ll be smiling all the way to your wrapping table and beyond.

We often waste valuable time and expenses on such things as gas, parking and even on some gifts that never end up under the tree, because the impulsive choice was not really a smart one.  Avoid the budget waste and shop smarter to get good gifts.  And most of all, stay on budget.

Ways to Shop Smarter for Holiday Gifts:

  • Decide on a gift budget. Reduce your overall gift budget by 10% (or more). You can still get lots of nice gifts for less and they’ll never know.
  • Make a gift list, assign a price and stick to it.
  • Jot down gift ideas for each person on the list; have a plan B gift in mind.
  • Search online to get a feel of prices, product choices and ideas; buy online if more cost efficient.  It can save you many headaches and much time.
  • Shop early and watch for sales.  Avoid feeling desperate later and paying more.
  • Take advantage of free shipping, free wrapping;  you can save at least $3 a gift.
  • Before heading out to shop, decide on the best cost and time efficient route.
  • Remember to take the gift list along.
  • Shopping with a friend can be fun but part for awhile to be more productive.
  • Avoid impulsive buys, but keep on the lookout for those special gifts or deals.
  • Avoid buying what appeals to you; consider their likes, hobbies, lifestyle.
  • Choose accessories rather than clothing unless sure of size and what they like.
  • Focus!  Avoid distractions – you can shop for yourself another time.
  • Avoid buy now, pay later plans – you have a budget.
  • Keep all receipts and tag gift cards to avoid mix-ups.
  • Get appropriate gift boxes or bags, watch for freebies
  • Buy gift related accessories such as batteries.

Don’t be surprised if you need to take a breather after your first outing or two and rethink a gift idea because product inventories are low and choice may be limited.

When your gift list is filled, be proud of your accomplishments especially if you stuck to your budget.  It’s always a good idea to recheck the list to make sure you haven’t forgotten someone.  Relax and avoid the urge to agonize over your gift choices.  Need wrapping, bows or tags?  Get them and proceed to wrap your gifts.

Having completed your holiday gift shopping, you can now shop at your leisure for your home decor and fashion needs.  Then focus your attention on holiday baking and entertaining.  And remember to enjoy the season of giving.

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