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Kids especially can be thinking and talking about Halloween months ahead and trying to decide what Halloween costumes to wear, what treat bag to use – will it be big enough – and where they’ll trick or treat. There’s also a lot of competition with kids, as to what their friends are wearing. Since the costume is really the priority item for Halloween, discuss themes with your children to have an idea of what they want and look around to find the best deals on Halloween costumes.

You can actually be thinking of Halloween all year, much like the kids – that gives you an opportunity to find some great stuff, but make sure to stash it till the big day arrives.  Costumes are often not available year round, but you can often find some great accessories any time of the year. If you want to save a little, look in vintage and second hand stores, you’ll find great hats, gloves, old coats, canes and many more items to choose from.

Things to keep in mind when shopping for Halloween costumes:

  • Costumes aren’t usually the highest quality garments so it’s not unusual to find that the sizes are much smaller compared to other clothing – you may need a size larger.
  • Do you want it to be worn another year?  Will the size be suitable for the sibling?
  • What will the weather be like?  Should you allow ample sizing to accommodate a jacket, hat?
  • Is the theme of the costume age appropriate?
  • How’s the length – will it hinder their walk and be a tripping hazard?
  • Will you need accessories to complete the theme?
  • Keep an eye out for a good trick or treat bag.  (Default is usually a pillow case)

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Face Painting – A Safer Alternative to a Mask:

Since Halloween masks can often hinder a child’s ability to properly see and that can be disastrous when trick or treating around roads, a good alternative to a mask is face painting. You don’t have to be a master painter to add a few whiskers, red nose or clown-style features and it’s amazing the choice of kits and illustrative face painting books that are available. But for safety reasons, only choose face paints that are approved for use on the skin.  If you’re new to face painting, a good start is with a kit from Snazaroo – it’s safe and most economical.

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Now that you have costumes sorted out and you’ve decided to try a little face painting rather than going with a mask, how about looking at Halloween decorations for your home to really set the mood.  And don’t be afraid to put these out a few days ahead to get everyone into the spirit of the season.  Extra lighting outside the door and something to place in the window are also good items to have. And make sure you have lots of treats to give out.

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Now a few words about the pumpkin(s) – they make awesome decorations on their own but most will carve at least one.  And for some, pumpkin carving has become an art, but not everyone can or needs to go to that extreme.  You can use a knife to carve a pumpkin and spoon to remove the seeds, but there are some handy tools that are worth considering.  Pumpkin carving is a great time to foster some family fun.

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And then comes the big day – what are you planning to eat for supper?  With excitement running wild, Halloween day is not the time for a big meal.  Plan on an early, fun quick one-dish meal, taco’s, grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers or soup and bun.

Trick or Treating Tips:

  • Kids should always be accompanied by an adult or older child
  • Someone in their group should have a small flashlight
  • Reflective tape on their outer garment can help them to be seen by drivers
  • Will they need mitts or gloves in your area?
  • Give them a tissue or two
  • Remind them not to eat before you can check their stash
  • And remind them to be courteous

There, now enjoy the day along with the children!

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