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A penny-pincher by nature, I learned decades ago how to stretch that hard-earned dollar to feed my family, build hobbies, travel and most of all, enjoy life.  I must say that learning how to live frugally didn’t always come easy – it’s a learned skill.  And just when I thought those frugal days were behind us, they have reappeared in retirement mode.

A solid background in business, accounting and the energy sector combined with an extensive knowledge of home appliances, makes me qualified and more than ready to share lots of money-saving tips with those who want to listen – and save.

Whether you’re raising a small family or have gained boomer status, I’ll show you where you can trim expenses, save on energy, water, food and more.  I’ll be your main writer for Money Saving Frugal Tips, but my better half – Dan, will also be sharing his own money-saving expertise from time to time.

I’m not a professional cook, but a very good one and I love to bake.  You’ve probably noticed that my recipes are somewhat different from what you’d find on most sites.  I have a home-grown approach to cooking and baking.

A recipe is not always necessary in order to cook; it’s rather learning what makes a certain dish turn out, that is important.  So I’ll give you the basic methods and allow you the creativity to truly make it your own.  Cooking and baking does not have to be complicated unless you want it to be.  You can turn out some very good meals with simple and affordable ingredients.

Welcome aboard the frugal bus…it’s a fun and happy ride!

Mariette Mifflin

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