Product Reviews


We have been doing product reviews for more than a decade, so along with that comes a wide comparison base and experience with many different types of appliances and household products. 

We both feel very strongly that consumers should get the best possible value from a product or appliance and that it should meet expectations when it comes to advertised claims.

Our reviews are based on our experienced opinion as to a product’s quality, functional design, durability and value.  A product’s ability to do what it claims to is extremely important and consideration is also given to convenience or time-saving features as well as varied uses.

Above all, we must personally like or enjoy using the product to give it a good review. In this way, we maintain an honest perspective and opinion, regardless of the brand, whether or not we have received a free product for review and without being influenced by anyone including other online reviews.

Testing periods tend to vary with the type of product, but usually involve several days of testing, reading the product manual, becoming familiar with what the product can and cannot do with hands on practical use.

We welcome review samples for testing and note that all shipping charges including cross-border fees must be paid by the sender. Product samples are not returned because it’s just too costly and inconvenient to do so. Manufacturers must understand that we intend to conduct an honest review, the result of which may or may not be to their liking. 

If you would like to have us conduct a product review for publishing on this site, please contact us at

Over the years we have enjoyed donating tested products to those who needed them.