What NOT to do in a Job Interview


Business meeting.With an influx of job seekers and employers that can be super selective in who gets the job, what you do during an interview can make a world of difference when it comes to landing that job.

Too often, people go for job interviews totally unprepared for how they should present themselves.These tips will help you be better prepared to net that job offer.

What NOT to do During a Job Interview

  • Do not leave your phone or mobile device on. Interruptions during job interviews are seen as negatives. Always turn them off. Contrary to public opinion, social media can and will wait.
  • While job seeking, refrain from making any comments on social media about interviews or companies where you have applied or plan to. The less you mention your job search, the less likely you’ll post something that can be seen as negative by a prospective employer. Cleaning up your social media profile before you start looking for work is extremely important.
  • Do not chew gum, candy or other foods. This is not the place to cram in a lunch while you’re in the interview or the reception area. Eat before you go and take a breath mint before arriving at the destination.
  • While waiting to be called in, do not slouch nor be apathetic, but rather sit up straight and be enthusiastic.
  • Never go to an interview not knowing the name of the interviewer or the company.
  • Do not fidget or become impatient and refrain from nervous gestures. Body language speaks volumes. Focus is key. Employers do notice what you’re doing while waiting or during the interview. They are silently monitoring your patience. Use your time wisely by reading the job description or making notes of things to do, even if you hate lists. This way you’ll appear productive, making good use of your time.
  • Never be late for a job interview. That’s usually a strike against you, before you have had a chance to shine. Always be punctual. Actually, being early is very positive.
  • Do not blow the first impression with untidy hair, unkempt clothing, an abundance of jewelry or visible body piercings and tattoos.  Always dress one notch above what would be expected for work in that environment. You should have some idea of the working dress code and go dressed slightly above that. A tank top, jeans or shorts are not proper attire for an interview. Dress business casual. Always ensure your clothing is properly ironed and in good repair.
  • Do not go for a job interview unless you know something about the company. With today’s online search possibilities, there’s no reason not to be familiar with the company’s mission statement or type of industry.
  • Slang, acronyms, text speak and overused terms such as ‘like’ and ‘um’ should not be used during an interview. Use proper language and present yourself in a professional manner.
  • Do not attend an interview without knowing what your strengths, skills set and weaknesses are. You will surely be asked, so be prepared.
  • If you don’t know how to shake hands properly, learn. A firm and confident handshake will impress.


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