Save the Seeds


In many areas, it’s not too late to save the seeds from your favorite garden flowers for planting next year.

Flower Seeds

It’s easy to do – seeds are usually in the dried flower pod – just pull or break them off and keep the seeds from the pods, in a dry and cool place till next growing season.

The Fall is a great time to plan your future seeding and flower beds and at the cost of bagged seeds, preserving your favorite garden seeds can save you money.

This applies mostly to perennials, but there are many flower annuals that also have easy-to-pick seed pods. 

Fall is the most likely time to harvest seeds, but some home gardeners also successfully gather them during the growing season, as blooms decay and dry.  The secret to gathering seeds – they must be dry and kept that way.

Make sure the seeds are dry when picked, keep them in a tightly sealed zip-style bag and label them.  You can bag the dried flower pods intact, just make sure that the whole pod is completely dry.  Any moisture will cause the seeds to decay.

You can save more on seeds and your gardening budget, if you include vegetables in your seed gathering. Many gardeners save seeds from fresh veggies to plant the next year.  This is a little messier in some cases, but it’s definitely a worthwhile task, especially if a certain vegetable has been a super producer.

When it comes to saving very tiny seeds like those from a fresh tomato, place the wet seeds on a paper towel or waxed paper till dry – then bag.  Seeds from pumpkins or other squash usually need to be washed or rinsed in a strainer to remove pulp, before drying.

If you saved seeds from five favorite plants, you’ll probably save yourself more than $5 next year, leaving a little money for those exotic varieties you’ve been anxious to plant.

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