Redeem Those Coupons!


I’ve been guilty of saving coupons my sister gives me or that I’ve clipped out of flyers, couponsjust to stash them in the hall drawer and quickly forget about them – till I’m at the store of course.   But keeping them organized in a small billfold stored in…you guessed it – the reusable grocery bag, ensures they’ll come along next grocery day.

There’s several dollars of coupons in that drawer and redeeming them is the easiest thing. There’s nothing to send or wait for, just take them along when you go shopping and hand them in at the cash with the products.

Remember to check the expiry date on them and start clipping or exchanging with friends.  Coupons are not 5¢ anymore, they’ve gone through their own inflation hike; most are over 25¢ and lots are in the $ range.  So, get clipping and save on your next food bill.

Where can you find free coupons?  In magazines, flyers, grocery stores and their websites.  Even manufacturers often have coupon offers on their sites.  Survey requests will also reward you with coupons too, so a few minutes of your time can mean savings in your pocket.

Here’s a couple of sites to get you started finding coupons:

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