Parsnip – Sweet & Tender


In my next of the woods, parsnip is not often available, so I was delighted to run across this vegetable on my last shopping trip. It’s been years since I’ve cooked them and had almost forgotten what a nice veggie this is.  If you have never tried parsnips, you’re in for a nice treat.

Parsnip is a root vegetable from the same family as carrots.  You basically cook it much the same as you would carrots or turnip.

They’re slightly larger than carrots, but have long thin roots, so use a peeler to peel the thin skin, to not waste any of this delicious fare.  Then slice or chop it to steam for several minutes or cook with a gentle simmer for about 5 minutes.  They cook much quicker than carrots and potatoes, so you might want to keep that in mind when preparing your meal.

They do cost more than carrots so I consider them a treat food for occasional serving.  Their flavor is very mild, a little on the sweet side and very tender.  You can serve them as a side dish or add them to stews or soups. Remember that they cook very quickly, but they do add a very nice flavor.

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