Beware of Latest Microsoft Phone & PC Scam


There’s a phone scam going around that is catching many unawares.  And the caller gets you to do things to your computer that makes it accept scam software that allows them entry to your sensitive information.

Protect yourself and your computer by not being sucked into this scheme.

It appears that the caller says he/she is calling from Microsoft, Bell or a computer tech company and that they need you to review some settings and program files on your computer, so they can make your operating system work better.  The files they make you bring up, though they look like errors to those who don’t have a techy mind, are not really a problem and considered normal.

It’s the changes they make you do that leaves your computer extremely vulnerable to software they will install remotely.  Authorities say these calls are originating from overseas.  Regardless of where they are coming from; these calls are not legit and you should not comply.

Understand that Microsoft NEVER initiates calls to consumers.  If you have an issue and want to contact Microsoft about something, you should contact them directly at  So any calls from someone saying they are from or representing Microsoft, is totally bogus.

Also, any caller that asks for your credit card should be a big signal to you that you are about to get scammed…if you comply.  Never give out any personal information or credit card details over the phone, unless you have initiated the call.

Be careful with incoming calls; protect yourself and your computer and beware of such scams.  Make sure the rest of your family are also aware that this scam is going around.  Sometimes our kids can be quick to comply thinking they are helping out.  On the other hand, they might more easily recognize a scam than the elderly.  So beware of these scams and report them to your local protection agency.

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