Make Some Money With a Garage Sale


It’s incredible how much money you can bring in from a garage sale, even when you don’t have a lot of big furniture pieces.  And having a garage sale is not difficult, just time-consuming.

Though garage sales limit the amount of time you have to invest in selling unwanted items, during the Covid-19 pandemic, attracting numerous shoppers to your yard is not a good idea.

During this challenging time, listing items on your local online auction or selling platform may be the better choice. That way you can limit who comes to your door/yard and maintain proper distances to protect yourself and your family.

Gathering stuff to sell is what takes the most time, but if you’re organized and plan ahead a little, you can have a successful sale and get paid for things you rarely use or don’t like.

Toys and sporting equipment the kids have outgrown are also good sellers. As are books and games.  But, there are exceptions when it comes to selling items at a garage sale. And if you have very pricey stuff or antiques, you may opt to sell some of those on consignment at a retail outlet.

Learn more about selling privately versus on consignment and how to hold a sale in my Garage Sale Tips and turn those unwanted or unneeded items into cash you can recycle into things you do need…read more

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