Less Can be More With a Water-Saver Showerhead


One of the biggest uses of water is personal showers with the average time being about 15 minutes, which can easily translate to close to  30 gallons of water use every single morning – just for a shower.

Delta 75152 Showerhead

Delta 75152 Showerhead- Photo Courtesy Amazon

With a water-saver, water-amplifying showerhead, you can have a shower with a flow that feels normal, but is saving you money both in water use and energy since you’ll use less hot water.

What makes this Delta 75152 Showerhead ideal is that it has an adjustable volume control lever, so you can set it for an amplified low water flow, or treat yourself to the real (high) water-flow deal.  It’s backed by Delta’s lifetime warranty and instructions are included.

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An high pressure showerhead is also great when you have low water pressure – it enhances the flow so it feels like there’s more water.  Installing a water-saver showerhead is a small step that reaps daily water savings.

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