When Microsoft Calls – Hang Up!


I was pretty shocked yesterday to get one the very phony Microsoft scam calls I wrote about last April.  To think that these scammers were now targeting my area was…quite unnerving not to mention disgusting.

Such calls are usually made remotely and that’s countries away.  But scary nonetheless.

If you haven’t heard of these phony Microsoft calls, you should read my full post on the subject:  Beware of Microsoft Phone & PC Scams.

And know that Microsoft never, ever makes such techy calls to PC users.

So if the phone rings and the person on the end tells you they are from Microsoft and wants to talk you through taking malware out of your computer.  Hang up!  Because if you comply, you’ll be opening the door wide and these hackers will have gained full entry to anything on your computer, including all personal information you might have there.

So, stay safe, be informed and beware of such phone scams.  And make sure the rest of your family and friends are aware of these calls.  Read more about phone scams.

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